Mini Carpet Sweeper Vs Super Powered Vacuum Vs Dust Buster – Battle Royal

12 juin 2012

Mini Carpet Sweeper Vs Super Powered Vacuum Vs Dust Buster - Battle Royal dans Carpet Sweeper Electrostatic-Carpet-Sweeper-300x225I adore my compact dust buster and find myself using it all the time to clean up messes around the house. My dust buster has pride of place on its charging station on my kitchen counter top, whereas my heavy duty super powered vacuum has been relegated to the garage after I got my wood floor laid not to long ago. Whether it is spilt flour, some errant coffee beans, crap in between the cushions or a filthy car interior, this mini carpet sweeper machine is prepared to take it on, given that it is has a full charge and has a clean filter.

Whilst my super powered vacuum is in the garage, it doesn’t go entirely unused. Part of my garage has been transformed into a home office, and there is a small patch of industrial carpet laid there to make it look more like an office. I clean the eight foot by ten foot patch of blue commercial carpet every couple of months are so. And the super powered machine sucks up the dirt like a storm, and it takes almost no time at all. The only thing that sucks (my apologies) is that I need to turn off all my other home office appliances before I turn the beast on other wise I blow a fuse. But hey, I am still paying for the machine, so I got to make use of it.

Once I have the sucker paid off, I may well consider trading it in for a mini carpet sweeper with a boar bristle rotary brush. My uncle has one of these little guys and I should say that I am really impressed by the way it can rapidly clean up the mess without shutting off the lights. It reminds me a lot of my little dust buster except for simple fact that it still works even if you forget to recharge it. For details information about Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper

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12 juin 2012

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